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meet your new favorite therapist...

I’m Theresa Moody, a black Licensed Professional Counselor based in Dallas, TX. My passion for people has led me to 7 years of experience counseling people of all age groups.


 The majority of my career so far has been spent working in the education system and volunteering at a Christian counseling center. 


Outside of work, I live life to the fullest. I love to spend time with my family and friends and would describe laughter as my favorite hobby. That’s probably why I love the show Martin and can recite any line from it without much thought. 

Do the work with me, and you’ll be able to confidently share your strengths with the world too.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to see past what you’re currently facing. You might find yourself in a loop of decision-making based on unmet needs. 


That’s where an objective, Licensed Professional Counselor can help you get to the next level. Let’s work together to rebuild confidence, challenge negative thoughts and overcome fear.


Ever heard the saying, “working yourself out of a job”? I pride myself on equipping my clients with the tools they need to work through their challenges independently. While I work with all individuals, my primary mission is to work with POC and underserved communities that struggle with anxiety, depression, marital and relationship problems, and stress management.

A new vision for life beyond your current circumstances...

Counseling allows you to grow in areas that might have us feeling stuck or frustrated. It also allows you to recognize unhealthy patterns that may be keeping you from growing into your potential. 


Growth is a process. And it may not be easy, but YOU GOT THIS!


You’ve already recognized that you need assistance. Now it’s time to take your first step towards change and make your appointment today.


Let’s do the work together.

Let’s talk about growth...

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